Thursday, February 25, 2016

february twenty-fifth

Five for February 25th:

Iron Maiden. The set list for their 2016 world tour went up last night via a series of sporadic Instagram posts. Very new-album heavy, which was to be expected, with some surprising older cuts like Children of the Damned and Powerslave thrown in for good measure. Pretty solid overall.

Easy come, easy go. The snowfall that essentially crippled the STL metro area yesterday morning is all but completely gone now, which bodes well for outdoor action this weekend.

Idiocracy now. The Writer of Idiocracy Is Very Sad About Correctly Predicting the Future. It's terrifying how spot-on that movie is turning out to be.

Cool stuff. ‘Chit with Brian and Tom, iPhone photo/video dump, Al Franken blasts Mitch McConnell, Vital BMX Rob Ridge interviews one and two, morning roll, Youtube’s “continue watching” option, The definitive, encyclopedic case for why Hillary Clinton is the wrong choice.

St. Louis Mills. Just sold for 4.4 million dollars, which as Next STL points out is 98% off the cost it was completed for just 12 years ago. The death knell for this place? Very likely. It was a ghost town last time we were there. However, it will always be where Janey met the easter bunny for the first time and where I saw an insane Birdhouse skate demo at plan nine and got to meet Jaws and Ben Raybourn and a host of others.

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