Tuesday, February 23, 2016

february twenty-third

Five for February 23rd:

Play date. Left work a little early yesterday to take Jane to the park. Super fun, if not slightly chilly. She run me ragged playing Jake and the Neverland Pirates until some kids showed up. We played till the sun went down. Best times.

Dropkick Murphys. Tonight at the Pageant. Brian scored some guest list/VIP passes, so we’ll be stylin’ and profilin’. That said, tomorrow morning might be kinda rough.

Flatland. Brought my bike in today in the hopes of getting in some riding before the next round of snowfall. Church parking lot, here I come.

Cool stuff. BMX Family: Brock Raiford & His Dad, Peter Hewitt's "Birthday at Nude Bowl", Calls to change U. of Alabama building name to honor Harper Lee instead of KKK leader, haircut, $32 Hosoi "Monk" decks on Seshday.

Tuesday soundtrack. Riddle of Steel, The Muffs, Voivod, Lamb of God, ALL, Iron Maiden, Weird Al.

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