Tuesday, March 8, 2016

march eighth

Five for March 8th:

Gardening. New and improved raised bed getting built in the backyard. In addition to being much larger than our current bed, this one will get much more sunlight through the day and have actual weed/animal protection built-in. Time to grow some tomatoes.

AC/DC. Bummer news about Brian Johnson. Between this, Malcolm Young’s dementia and Phil Rudd’s various legal troubles, you’d think they might finally accept the fact that it’s time to pack it in. Unfortunately, "Dates through early April will be made up later in the year, likely with a guest vocalist.” Just stop already.

Proud dad. Jane not only had a great visit to the dentist yesterday, she also slept her first night ever without her pacifier. My little girl is growing up too fast.

Cool stuff. Morning curb sesh, late evening at the playground, Nyquil, avocado chicken salad, Joe Biden Demands Donald Trump Release Chris Christie Back Into the Wilds of New Jersey.

Tuesday soundtrack. Tilts, Beatles, Anvil, Tom Petty, Cerebral Ballzy, McRad, Trans Am, J Church.

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