Tuesday, March 15, 2016

march fifteenth

Five for March 15th:

Primaries. At the polling place at 6:30 am today. To quote my friend Duane: “For the first time, I got to cast a vote that I don't have to hold my nose for. It isn't a calculated defensive vote. No crisis of conscience. A vote that I genuinely believe is just the right thing to do, for a person I simply think is the right person for the job.” Bernie 2016.

Light late. There are few things better than daylight savings. Met the crew at the park after work and stayed for an hour or so, sun shining the whole time. Can’t beat it.

Frankie Hill. Skateone has some Bulldog reissue, blem decks up for sale right now for cheep. Grab one and go bust some big fat ollie one-foots.

Cool stuff. 80 degrees today, Propeller South America tour extras, afternoon freestylin’, chorizo breakfast sandwich, Transworld High5 BMX 1993, this kid.

Tuesday soundtrack. Angel Witch, Cinderella, Black Sabbath, The Clash, Bad Religion, Dead Moon.

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