Friday, March 4, 2016

march fourth

Five for March 4th:

Old man alert. Some initial plans are coming together for a fortieth-birthday get-together of my old neighborhood friends. Now, I don't care about turning 40 and put no stock in age, but man, thinking about all of us being 40 is absolutely crazy.

30 for 30. As disinterested in sports as I generally am, I can’t get enough of these ESPN documentaries. The new one on the ’85 Chicago Bears is streaming on Netflix and is completely awesome.

Stuntin’. Brought the BMX in for a little afternoon flatland riding in the parking lot. Need to get the blood pumping today.

Cool stuff. Donuts at work, free NYXL strings, Backyard Trails Party, Hosoi deck delivery today, 5 countries that will welcome Americans in the wake of a potential Trump presidency, the bathroom at Seoul Taco, morning space adventures.

Weekend action. Thee Fine Lines at Foam, Clifton Park action, hanging with the family, backyard BBQ with Brian and crew, birthday party with Jane, skate sesh, opening the windows.

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