Wednesday, March 16, 2016

march sixteenth

Five for March 16th:

Democratic race. All is not lost for Bernie, but it may be coming up on the time to start focusing a lot harder on doing whatever is necessary to make sure Trump doesn’t happen.

Night moves. Met up with Brian for an evening skate session at Webster last night, complete with a few cold Modelos. Had the place to ourselves for the most part. Good way to close out a Tuesday.

Epic Dio tattoo. “More than anything, this tattoo is a solid reminder: go put on some Dio. You won’t feel satisfied until you do, and you’ll be happy you did afterwards.”

Cool stuff. New issue of Decibel, amazing phots from inside downtown’s abandoned Jefferson Hotel, 10 riders we wish still rode, Seoul Taco with Lisa, pushing George in the swing, spring in Clifton Heights.

Double vision. Eye doctor for some much-needed new contacts and possibly a new pair of glasses. My current frames are nearing a decade old, so I’d say it’s about time.

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