Thursday, March 3, 2016

march third

Five for March 3rd:

Vintage Vinyl. Stopped by yesterday afternoon for a few. Their bargain bins are overflowing right now. If I’d had more time, I would’ve dug around a bit more. There’s got to be some good stuff hiding in there.

Haro Freestyler. Don’t know how the existence of this website got by me, but it’s pretty much the most comprehensive resource ever for old Haro BMX junkies. Check out the catalog section. Droolworthy.

Rager. Great time at Ramp Riders last night with Jesse, Chris’ P and C, and Brians H and F. The gnar was shredded, and the final session of my ten-pass was used up just in time for Spring.

Cool stuff. Gogi bowls at Seoul Taco, Powell Peralta Frankie Hill Bulldog reissues, fingerboard bowl action at work, Florida vacation bumped up, Ride BMX for the better.

Contacts. Officially on the ass-end of my last pair. I guess I shouldn’t be complaining, as I made my last box of six-month’s worth last almost a year and a half. Small price to pay for not having to worry about glasses flying off.

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