Friday, March 25, 2016

march twenty-fifth

Five for March 25th:

This week. Totally flew by. I can’t believe it’s already Friday. Not complaining.

Why are you voting for Clinton? She has and will continue to change her mind on policies and values to the degree that she believes that change will garner her more power. She has flip-flopped on international trade deals, immigration, same sex marriage, the legitimacy of the Iraq War, arming of Syrian Rebels, raising the payroll tax, Keystone Pipeline, etc. What does Hillary earnestly believe about each of these issues? How can you know?

The Phelper. Super engrossing, in-depth interview with/article about the man behind Thrasher. Great read, even if you have no interest in skateboarding.

Cool stuff. Conan O’Brien remembers Garry Shandling, Katie starts next week, morning curbslides, the goofballs, Ranchito, fresh veggies, Starbucks gift card I forgot about, Ditch Day Cult video.

Weekend action. Clifton Park spring clean-up/ egg hunt, skate session outdoors somewhere, hanging out with the family, trip to NoCo.

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