Friday, April 29, 2016

april twenty-ninth

Five for April 29th:

Yesterday. Probably the most beautiful day of the year so far. Even though I was stuck at work, I still managed lunch outside at 3 Kings with Brian and Tom, a Clifton Park hangout with Jane, and got the front and backyards mowed. Bam.

John Boehner on Ted Cruz. "Lucifer in the flesh. I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life."

Worst case scenario. If These Two Win, This is Going To Be The Shittiest Election in US History.

Cool stuff. Dig BMX Dennis McCoy interview, Schweig Engel commercial loop, donuts at work, afternoon boardslide session, Santa Cruz holiday 2016 reissues, getting paid.

Weekend action. Hanging out with the kids, skating, half day in the office Sunday, free pizza, bike riding, maxing and relaxing.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

april twenty-eighth

Five for April 28th:

Last day of Everest. Today at 1 pm, we get to bid a not-so-fond farewell to the bane of our existence for the last few years- our antiquated and barely-functional computer system at work. It’s been real.

Dear Target boycotters. Here’s a list of all the things you can no longer buy if you’re really boycotting trans-friendly businesses. I mean, you’re not just conveniently jumping on a bandwagon with Target, are you? I’m sure you’ll all be sticking to your guns.

Random BMX. Rad Star Bill Allen On The Movie That Brought BMX To The Masses, Remembering Mirra trailer, Garrett Reynolds in Fiending.

Cool stuff. Cupcakes at the office, updated Maiden wall, $1.25 Sneakers DVD, Highway to Hell: 10 Years on the Road, morning slappies, six mile roll through Forest Park, lunch at 3 Kings.

George. Can’t believe our little guy is less than a month away from his first birthday. Despite the first few seeming like they’d never end, these past eleven months have absolutely blown by.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

april twenty-seventh

Five for April 27th:

Children’s books. We buy them as much for ourselves these days as we do for the actual children. Reading the same bedtime books over and over again for months is a strain on everyone’s sanity.

Lemmy. All Motorhead all day after watching the Lemmy documentary last night. So good. Highly recommended.

Meet Me in St. Louie. A group of the Front Brake Brethren gathered at Ramp Riders in St. Louis, and the moves are ridiculous.

Cool stuff. Captain Lou Albano Just Say No PSA, Indian buffet with Lisa, cake at work, last full day of Everest, The Man who snuck into the Vietnam War Zone to Buy his Best Friends a Beer.

Remo RIP. The only drumheads I have ever played or ever will play started with this guy. The best, period. Big loss in the music world today.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

april twenty-sixth

Five for April 26th:

Blues win. Talk about down to the wire: a third period, game seven 3-2 win against the Blackhawks to move on to the second round of the playoffs. Didn’t see that coming.

Sonex. Brought my ’81 Gibson in to work today for a much-needed shop setup. It’ll be cool to get that thing back to playable status.

Batkid Begins. If you can stay dry-eyed through this documentary you’re a stronger man than I.

Cool stuff. Joe Symonds- Stronghold BMX, homemade Buddha bowls, double-up monitors at the office, my friend Patrick played drums on the new Beyonce song everyone’s talking about.

Tuesday soundtrack. Death Angel, Redd Kross, Kyuss, Deicide, Tilts, Van Halen, Distillers, Operation Ivy, Volatiles.

Monday, April 25, 2016

april twenty-fifth

Five for April 25th:

Mini vacation. Our 24-hour anniversary trip to Grafton and parts beyond was super fun and much-needed. Amazing scenery, great food, great drinks, great company, and some much-needed relaxation. May become a yearly tradition.

Do or die. Game seven vs. the Blackhawks is tonight. Time to break that first-round playoff elimination curse once and for all.

Exercise. Six miles on the Forest Park trail yesterday evening at sunset. First time I’ve been on that trail in years. Lots of expanded routes and fresh asphalt. Can’t beat it.

Cool stuff. $0.99 Shadows Fall shirt, Jane’s repair shop, wading pool season, Seoul Taco with Brian, backyard freestyle, new deck lights.

Skinker/Delmar. This crucial intersection is closed for the next twelve days so Joe Edwards’ useless 51 million dollar decorative trolley tracks can get laid. Awesome.

Friday, April 22, 2016

april twenty-second

Five for April 22nd:

Summer NAMM. Looks like Brian and I will be road-tripping to Nashville in late June for a few days to sell some guitars, skate some parks and have dinner with the guitar player for Samhain.

Chesterfield. My old stomping ground was laughably named St. Louis’ coolest suburb by Thrillist. I don’t know what planet these people are living on but that statement could not possibly be more incorrect.

Weekend Buzz. I don’t watch a ton of these, but this one with Jeff Grosso and John Lucero is exactly as good as you’d expect.

Cool stuff. Morning roll at the park, donuts + free lunch at work, last days of the T-1 ramp, the world lights up purple for Prince, street style of the great American road trip.

Weekend action. Heading to Grafton for a day to celebrate our four year anniversary by the river, drink some wine, and generally relax, which is something we don’t get much time to do these days. Home Sunday for some lawn work, hanging with the kids and a skate session.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

april twenty-first

Five for April 21st:

Four years ago today. We tied the knot with a small ceremony at Clifton Park and a reception at our house after having to move the wedding up to April because Lisa found out after she’d bought her dress that she was pregnant with Jane and wouldn’t fit in it if we waited till September. It couldn’t have gone any better. Two kids later and things are as amazing as ever. Happy anniversary.

RIP Prince. 2016 hasn’t been a good year for musicians. Major bummer.

$20 bill. Awesome to hear that Harriet Tubman will be replacing Andrew Jackson on the front of the new twenty dollar bills. Bummer to hear that Jackson, who was human excrement, will still be on the back.

Cool stuff. New Dan’s Comp catalog, Frankie Hill back on Powell-Peralta, lunch with Lisa, clean house.

FOCP movie night. Friends of Clifton Park is hosting its third annual movie night in August. If you live in STL, come out, because it’s super fun. Solid lineup of filcks to vote for this year (had to go with Labyrinth).

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

april twentieth

Five for April 20th:

4/20. If you’re celebrating this day as a holiday there is a 100% chance you are a gigantic douchebag with a margin for error of zero.

Skate jams. Fun solo sesh at Webster for 45 minutes or so last night. Had the place to myself for the most part. Felt good to get out and roll around a bit.

George. He’s getting better and better at walking every day. You can tell he’s just on the cusp of really nailing it. By the time he turns one he’ll be an old pro.

Cool stuff. New issue of Decibel, avocado and egg on toast, Never Forget 7/11, Elizabeth Warren unloads on Ted Cruz, Vernon’s with Tom.

NRA bumper sticker. Saw one this morning that said "hunt with your kids, not for them". I guess the NRA and I finally agree on one thing, and that is that hunting your children for sport is bad.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

april nineteenth

Five for April 19th:

2016 travels. Looks like I might be adding Nashville in June to the list. Even though it would be for work, it’s still cool to be getting out of town a bit here and there.

RIP Doris Roberts. The comedic tag team genius of Doris Roberts and Peter Boyle is massively underrated. I don't often comment on celebrity deaths but the fact that both of the Barone parents are gone is really sad. Everybody Loves Raymond wouldn't have lasted one season without those two.

Natas. He’s selling off a ton of his old boards- NOS, riders and the like, on Instagram. If only I were a rich man.

Cool stuff. New issue of Transworld Ride BMX, Bernie from Brooklyn: A Conversation with Mark Ruffalo, e-cymbal repair, clean bedroom, Tony Hawk Claw reissue on order, Jane at the park, urbex videos on Youtube.

Tuesday soundtrack. Jimmy Reed, Kyuss, ALL, Samhain, Beatles, Lifetime.

Monday, April 18, 2016

april eighteenth

Five for April 18th:

Outdoorsmanship. Plenty of time spent in various parks and backyards this weekend, taking advantage of the amazing weather. As it should be.

Saga Toys. Found this amazing 80’s vintage toy store on the way home from JB Saturday, just by chance. Aisles of M.A.S.K., He-Man, Star Wars, Voltron, G.I. Joe… I honestly thought I was dreaming. Figures, sets, vehicles, bases… it was crazy. Definitely need to go back soon. Not unrelated; Today I Stumbled upon a Secret Kingdom of Lost Toys.

Red Dead Redemption 2. Looks like it may be closer to a reality than initially thought. The first one is definitely in my top five favorite video games ever. It may actually be number one. If this is true, it’s long overdue.

Cool stuff. $6 Zombie Gleaming the Cube shirt, Tommy Guerrero for Real, Ranchito with Tom, grande dark roast, morning boardslides.

Cards and Blues. Yesterday was apparently a good day to be a fairweather St. Louis sports fan.

Friday, April 15, 2016

april fifteenth

Five for April 15th:

Park nights. I’m still adjusting to the awesomeness of being able to take the kids to the park between dinner and bedtime. One of the absolute best parts of not-winter.

#DoYourJob. “I only do my job when I feel like it. That’s why I stand with the Senate!” This video nails it.

Record Store Day. Tons of events going on around town tomorrow. Whether or not I’ll actually be able to attend any of it is anyone’s guess. Go out and show the love.

Cool stuff. Cheap “blem” Powell Ripper, new Vato Rat coffee mug, Gonz talking about the first handrail, getting paid, turkey & avocado wrap, sticker haul, Jason Adams Freedom of the Road, 1986 Seattle's Time Travelers Skateboard Shop.

Weekend action. Hanging out with the kids, mom visit, try to catch some RSD stuff, Hell Night at Firebird on Saturday, skate and/or BMX sesh somewhere, grilling food.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

april fourteenth

Five for April 14th:

The boys are back in town. Big congrats to Brian and Abby who yesterday welcomed their baby boy into the world, and to Greg and Deb who yesterday found out they were having a boy. George is going to have some serious buddies.

Post-vacation food detox. Kind bars, bananas, mixed fruit, and oatmeal with raisins, honey and walnuts. Six days’ worth of beer and butter have taken their toll.

MCF. Video premier for their new (excellent) tune is today. Top notch songwriting and production as always. This band continues to blow me away and do St. Louis proud. Check it.

Cool stuff. Work coffee restock, The OJ show on Youtube, Bernie Sanders tops Time reader poll of 100 most influential people, the 50 greatest BMX logos, taking the kids to the park, boxed wine, 2016 Madrid reissues, Pedal to the Metal: the Kim Boyle interview.

Going solo. Have both kids to myself for the next couple of nights. The nightly routines are definitely getting easier these days, but it’s still a pretty decent handful after an eight hour workday. Not that I’m complaining.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

april thirteenth

Five for April 13th:

Around the house. Lawn mowed, mouse killed, dehumidifier emptied, bags unpacked, weeds whacked.

Batteries Not Included. Streaming now on Netflix. I hadn’t seen this movie in at least twenty years and it’s just amazingly good. Eons better than I remember it. Definitely underappreciated. Re-watch it immediately.

White Birch. Short afternoon skate session went down today. Had the whole place to myself. Super fun. Felt awesome to roll around after ten or so days off from any real skating.

Cool stuff. iPhone photo dump, Martin Strings swag haul, Walmart game of BIKE, 19 bands that have plowed through 3 or more frontmen without a name change, secret Philly BMX warehouse session.

Wednesday soundtrack. Aerosmith, the Cramps, AC/DC, Hellacopters, Dead Moon, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Black Sabbath.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

april twelfth

Five for April 12th:

Florida. Great time in Venice with the crew over the last six days. Beautiful weather, tons of swimming in the lanai, hitting the beach, eating good food, and taking it easy. Jane had the time of her life, as did George. Thanks to Roger for putting us up (and putting up with us). Can’t wait to go back in 2017.

Git fit. Post-vacation bloat is in full effect. Gym tonight, bike commuting the rest of the week, and at least a few solid days of healthy eating.

False alarms. Got up at 3:30 am last week to catch the plane, and of course forgot to re-set the alarm (and autobrew) last night. Needless to say I had an unnecessarily early morning fueled by a pot of lukewarm coffee.

Cool stuff. Vans shop night party, morning curbslides, Yuengling, Lost Highway with Jason Adams, Brian junior happening tomorrow, The Mabuhay Gardens: Where Punks and Strippers United Forces, free in-flight wifi, Woman Publicly Shames Florida Gov. Rick Scott at Starbucks, sleeping in my own bed.

Thrasher. Nine out of ten envelopes featured in the “Mail Drop” section these days are from prison inmates. Kinda sad, but at least someone is keeping the flame alive.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

april fifth

Five for April 5th:

Seeya next week. Taking some time off from writing in this thing to vacation with the crew, starting tomorrow. Back on Tuesday with the full report.

Grim Reaper. Played last night at Fubar. If it wasn’t a Monday night and I didn’t have a million pre-vacation things to do, I probably would have gone. Word is they opened with “See You In Hell” which is kinda weird. Bummed to have missed it.

Caballero on Bones. Cab’s welcome to Bones video is incredible and worth multiple views. The level at which this guy is skating at 50-however years old is inspiring.

Cool stuff. Building free skate mag libraries with Kevin Marks, new issue of Thrasher, Splash Skatepark footage, An Open Letter to Tiny House Hunters, Hong Kong man builds a life-size Scarlett Johansson robot, Ranchito, Worst Somersault Ever.

Tuesday soundtrack. Thin Lizzy, James Brown, Riddle of Steel, Van Halen, High On Fire, Descendents, Mastodon.

Monday, April 4, 2016

april fourth

Five for April 4th:

Friday. Impromptu happy hour at Clifton Park complete with beers, friends and even a small bonfire. Our neighborhood is awesome. Plans to attend the MCF show at Demo sidelined by the siren song of the couch.

Saturday. Henry got groomed, took Jane out for ice cream, barbecued burgers and hot-tubbed at Mary and Keith’s for the first time in forever.

Sunday. Errand-running with Jane, finished up front and backyard garden beds, two-hour skate session at JB with Andy and Brian, backyard freestylin’ on the ’87 FST, Jet’s veggie pizza.

Cool stuff. Morning curb jams, new pair of slip-ons, vacation checklist, Who Is the Last Active Player in This Long-Dead MMO?, patio-brau at 3 Kings, Variflex Spittle.

Bones Brigade. Another round of reissues hitting this summer, including the long-awaited Tony Hawk Claw bottlenose, Tommy Guerrero Iron Gate, and the odd-but-still-awesome McGill fish.

Friday, April 1, 2016

april first

Five for April 1st:

There’s no post today. APRIL FOOLS.

Magazines. New issues of Thrasher and Ride BMX need to get here already. At least before we leave for vacation.

Office guitar. My trusty AA25-D prototype is getting re-strung today for the first time ever. How those strings were even still on there given the abuse that guitar takes, I’ll never know.

Cool stuff. Popcorn Friday, Skatemaster Tate on Youtube, Seoul Taco with Brian and Katie, Crimson Skies revisited, morning couch time with Janey, Tiger lager.

Weekend action. MCF at Demo, grilling and hot-tubbing with Mary and Keith, getting Henry groomed, FOCP happy hour at the park, hanging with the kids, skate/bikes.