Tuesday, April 5, 2016

april fifth

Five for April 5th:

Seeya next week. Taking some time off from writing in this thing to vacation with the crew, starting tomorrow. Back on Tuesday with the full report.

Grim Reaper. Played last night at Fubar. If it wasn’t a Monday night and I didn’t have a million pre-vacation things to do, I probably would have gone. Word is they opened with “See You In Hell” which is kinda weird. Bummed to have missed it.

Caballero on Bones. Cab’s welcome to Bones video is incredible and worth multiple views. The level at which this guy is skating at 50-however years old is inspiring.

Cool stuff. Building free skate mag libraries with Kevin Marks, new issue of Thrasher, Splash Skatepark footage, An Open Letter to Tiny House Hunters, Hong Kong man builds a life-size Scarlett Johansson robot, Ranchito, Worst Somersault Ever.

Tuesday soundtrack. Thin Lizzy, James Brown, Riddle of Steel, Van Halen, High On Fire, Descendents, Mastodon.

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