Monday, April 4, 2016

april fourth

Five for April 4th:

Friday. Impromptu happy hour at Clifton Park complete with beers, friends and even a small bonfire. Our neighborhood is awesome. Plans to attend the MCF show at Demo sidelined by the siren song of the couch.

Saturday. Henry got groomed, took Jane out for ice cream, barbecued burgers and hot-tubbed at Mary and Keith’s for the first time in forever.

Sunday. Errand-running with Jane, finished up front and backyard garden beds, two-hour skate session at JB with Andy and Brian, backyard freestylin’ on the ’87 FST, Jet’s veggie pizza.

Cool stuff. Morning curb jams, new pair of slip-ons, vacation checklist, Who Is the Last Active Player in This Long-Dead MMO?, patio-brau at 3 Kings, Variflex Spittle.

Bones Brigade. Another round of reissues hitting this summer, including the long-awaited Tony Hawk Claw bottlenose, Tommy Guerrero Iron Gate, and the odd-but-still-awesome McGill fish.

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