Tuesday, April 19, 2016

april nineteenth

Five for April 19th:

2016 travels. Looks like I might be adding Nashville in June to the list. Even though it would be for work, it’s still cool to be getting out of town a bit here and there.

RIP Doris Roberts. The comedic tag team genius of Doris Roberts and Peter Boyle is massively underrated. I don't often comment on celebrity deaths but the fact that both of the Barone parents are gone is really sad. Everybody Loves Raymond wouldn't have lasted one season without those two.

Natas. He’s selling off a ton of his old boards- NOS, riders and the like, on Instagram. If only I were a rich man.

Cool stuff. New issue of Transworld Ride BMX, Bernie from Brooklyn: A Conversation with Mark Ruffalo, e-cymbal repair, clean bedroom, Tony Hawk Claw reissue on order, Jane at the park, urbex videos on Youtube.

Tuesday soundtrack. Jimmy Reed, Kyuss, ALL, Samhain, Beatles, Lifetime.

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