Tuesday, April 12, 2016

april twelfth

Five for April 12th:

Florida. Great time in Venice with the crew over the last six days. Beautiful weather, tons of swimming in the lanai, hitting the beach, eating good food, and taking it easy. Jane had the time of her life, as did George. Thanks to Roger for putting us up (and putting up with us). Can’t wait to go back in 2017.

Git fit. Post-vacation bloat is in full effect. Gym tonight, bike commuting the rest of the week, and at least a few solid days of healthy eating.

False alarms. Got up at 3:30 am last week to catch the plane, and of course forgot to re-set the alarm (and autobrew) last night. Needless to say I had an unnecessarily early morning fueled by a pot of lukewarm coffee.

Cool stuff. Vans shop night party, morning curbslides, Yuengling, Lost Highway with Jason Adams, Brian junior happening tomorrow, The Mabuhay Gardens: Where Punks and Strippers United Forces, free in-flight wifi, Woman Publicly Shames Florida Gov. Rick Scott at Starbucks, sleeping in my own bed.

Thrasher. Nine out of ten envelopes featured in the “Mail Drop” section these days are from prison inmates. Kinda sad, but at least someone is keeping the flame alive.

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