Thursday, April 28, 2016

april twenty-eighth

Five for April 28th:

Last day of Everest. Today at 1 pm, we get to bid a not-so-fond farewell to the bane of our existence for the last few years- our antiquated and barely-functional computer system at work. It’s been real.

Dear Target boycotters. Here’s a list of all the things you can no longer buy if you’re really boycotting trans-friendly businesses. I mean, you’re not just conveniently jumping on a bandwagon with Target, are you? I’m sure you’ll all be sticking to your guns.

Random BMX. Rad Star Bill Allen On The Movie That Brought BMX To The Masses, Remembering Mirra trailer, Garrett Reynolds in Fiending.

Cool stuff. Cupcakes at the office, updated Maiden wall, $1.25 Sneakers DVD, Highway to Hell: 10 Years on the Road, morning slappies, six mile roll through Forest Park, lunch at 3 Kings.

George. Can’t believe our little guy is less than a month away from his first birthday. Despite the first few seeming like they’d never end, these past eleven months have absolutely blown by.

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