Friday, April 22, 2016

april twenty-second

Five for April 22nd:

Summer NAMM. Looks like Brian and I will be road-tripping to Nashville in late June for a few days to sell some guitars, skate some parks and have dinner with the guitar player for Samhain.

Chesterfield. My old stomping ground was laughably named St. Louis’ coolest suburb by Thrillist. I don’t know what planet these people are living on but that statement could not possibly be more incorrect.

Weekend Buzz. I don’t watch a ton of these, but this one with Jeff Grosso and John Lucero is exactly as good as you’d expect.

Cool stuff. Morning roll at the park, donuts + free lunch at work, last days of the T-1 ramp, the world lights up purple for Prince, street style of the great American road trip.

Weekend action. Heading to Grafton for a day to celebrate our four year anniversary by the river, drink some wine, and generally relax, which is something we don’t get much time to do these days. Home Sunday for some lawn work, hanging with the kids and a skate session.

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