Wednesday, April 27, 2016

april twenty-seventh

Five for April 27th:

Children’s books. We buy them as much for ourselves these days as we do for the actual children. Reading the same bedtime books over and over again for months is a strain on everyone’s sanity.

Lemmy. All Motorhead all day after watching the Lemmy documentary last night. So good. Highly recommended.

Meet Me in St. Louie. A group of the Front Brake Brethren gathered at Ramp Riders in St. Louis, and the moves are ridiculous.

Cool stuff. Captain Lou Albano Just Say No PSA, Indian buffet with Lisa, cake at work, last full day of Everest, The Man who snuck into the Vietnam War Zone to Buy his Best Friends a Beer.

Remo RIP. The only drumheads I have ever played or ever will play started with this guy. The best, period. Big loss in the music world today.

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