Wednesday, May 18, 2016

may eighteenth

Five for May 18th:

Nice weather. Finally a day of sun and dryness following three miserable days of pissing cold rain. It’s nice to actually get a spring, but I’m not a fan of seeing your breath outdoors in May.

Frankenskate. Threw this Schmitt Stix Rip Saw together out of random spare parts in the attic last night. Some semi-retired Indy 139’s, old bones wheels, and a total mishmash of bearings and hardware. Actually came out looking awesome.

Plan Nine. Word on the street is it’s reopening this Friday, apparently now owned by Future Sk8 (maybe that’s what it’s called now?) This whole thing seemed pretty up in the air for a number of reasons- the Mills getting sold off recently being one of them. Hope it pans out, as I really only skated there one time.

Cool stuff. Can of Send Help and a steak Gogi bowl, Jane’s riser pad art, lunchtime roll-around, vintage ’99 Side One Dummy zine.

Nothing gets past me. I've been a fan of 3rd Rock From The Sun for almost twenty years and I just last night put together the sub-joke of the male characters together being named Tom, Dick and Harry.

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