Wednesday, May 11, 2016

may eleventh

Five for May 11th:

Janeyisms. To quote Lisa: We got a new dishwasher yesterday. The only person who is sad about this is Jane, who said: “I'm going to miss our old dishwasher. We had some good times."

I’m With Hillary. I don't care if there is a candidate out there who has fought to keep money out of politics. It doesn't matter that this candidate has fought to limit the power of corporations over people. It doesn't matter that this candidate consistently stands up and fights for the oppressed. It doesn't matter that he is consistently on the right side of causes, even when those causes are unpopular. It doesn't matter. No, it doesn't matter because I'm with her.

Stomach bug. Came on strong yesterday afternoon and basically took me out of commission all evening. A couple of Ibuprofen, a warm shower and 8.5 hours of sleep later and I finally started feeling like a human again.

Cool stuff. Demolition - Dennis Enarson's Signature Rig Line Video, morning roll, The Last Days of Doel: A Ghost Town in Purgatory, as people get richer religion will get smaller and eventually disappear, Sanders can still win the nomination fair and square, Blues game seven tonight.

Strange Brew. My office feng shui just increased by about 1000%.

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