Thursday, May 12, 2016

may twelfth

Five for May 12th:

Misfits. Danzig is apparently reuniting with Jerry Only and Doyle for a few legitimate Misfits shows at Riotfest. Pretty unbelievable. Just need to nail down Arthur Googy to complete the Walk Among Us-era lineup abd call it a day.

Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding. Season seven starts today. Best web series in the history of Youtube. Special edition Vans Pool Party teaser episode is up now.

Tonight. Hopefully get in some park time with the kids after work, then hitting Corrosion of Conformity/ Clutch/ Lamb of God at the Pageant with Brian, VIP style. Should be good if I can stay awake.

Cool stuff. Polar and GX1000 skate DVD burns from Andy, free star picks and set of Cleartones, FBM Lost Bowl jam, Airstream Nest caravans, dots from Jane.

Hulu. Good riddance to this slow, lumbering, commercial-filled piece of internet horseshit. Can’t believe I actually paid money for that.

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