Monday, May 9, 2016

may ninth

Five for May 9th:

Mother’s day. A happy belated one to Lisa, the best and most dedicated mom I’ve ever met, and of course my own mother, who is a close second.

E-cymbal. Heading out to Firebrand this afternoon to pick up the cymbal from my electronic kit, which has undergone yet another surgery to stay working. Thanks to Brian for the hookup. Stoked to play some stuff again.

Around the house. Lawn mowed, poison ivy sprayed, weeds whacked, garden bed tilled and reinforced, and a good chunk of the giant wall of weeds and ivy against the back fence have been removed (with quite a bit more to go).

Cool stuff. Backyard freestyle session, morning curbslides, Bob’s Burgers, High on Fire on Spotify, final Grosso/Lucero Weekend Buzz.

Frontline score. Picked up a package of Henry’s (off-brand) flea and tick medicine at Schnucks for what I thought was $13 on a clearance shelf. However, when scanned, it rang up at one dollar. That stuff is normally almost thirty bucks.

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