Monday, May 2, 2016

may second

Five for May 2nd:

NORAD style. My new two-monitor desk setup is making me feel a lot like Dabney Coleman in Wargames, except without the ability to blow up Russia.

Date night. The kids stayed out at the farm last night and Lisa, which meant a trip to Royale for Cubanos and Moscow Mules. That said, can't wait to see them tonight.

New system. Day one of the new operating system at work is today and so far, it’s going better than anyone had anticipated. Stoked.

Cool stuff. HQ Ecopad jams, curb sesh at Deer Creek, bagels at the office, new set of Rib Bones and sheet of grip, quickie at JB.

Around the house. Got the gravel pad by the basement stairs leveled for the eventual move of the shed over to that spot. It’ll be nice to get that space filled in and the precarious drop to the basement door blocked off.

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