Friday, May 6, 2016

may sixth

Five for May 6th:

Delmar & Skinker. Finally back open after two excruciating and ultimately pointless weeks of closure. Hope that novelty choo-choo is worth it (it’s not).

The hill of weeds. Figured out that my reel mower on its highest setting will effectively cut the dreaded weed hill between our driveway and our neighbor’s fence. Precarious, but doable.

Bike restoration. This guy did with this old Diamondback Hot Streak what I have wanted to do with at least three trashed BMX bikes that have made their way through my basement over the last few years (and of course, never accomplished).

Cool stuff. 8 Dollar Deli opening in the Loop, remembering to bring lunch, office laughs, morning curbslides, playground gifts from Jane, Paul Ryan won’t back Trump, patio drinks with Brian.

Weekend action. A couple of mother’s day events, Maplewood Stringfest, hanging out with the kids, mowing the back yard and hopefully getting a skate session in somewhere.

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