Tuesday, May 10, 2016

may tenth

Five for May 10th:

Dishwasher blues. The bad news: the piece of crap in our kitchen finally keeled over and died last night, after many long months of barely-functioning. The good news: a brand new Bosch with a stainless steel interior and calcium filter was purchased first thing this morning and Lisa’s dad already installed it.

Guitar repair. Thanks to Ricky for the top-notch repair/setup job he did on my Gibson. Probably the first shop work that guitar has seen since it rolled off the line in 1981. Plays like I never knew it could.

Sickness. George, myself and Lisa all came down with some sort of stomach bug over the last few days that has hit with varying degrees of severity. The only one left standing is Jane (knock on wood).

Cool stuff. Sumatra restock at work, night drumming, Glasgow To Genoa, Bernie Sanders teaches Stephen Colbert to never give up, The Day the Republican Party died, back-deck gate completion.

Tuesday soundtrack. Iron Maiden, Mastodon, Riddle of Steel, Red Fang, Early Man, Dead Moon.

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