Friday, May 13, 2016

may thirteenth

Five for May 13th:

Thursday night recap. Met up with the family at the park after work, went to SoHa for dinner, put George to bed, skated Deer Creek curbs for a bit, met up with Brian, caught Clutch and Lamb of God, and closed out the night with a few beers backstage with Brian, Randy Blythe, Pepper Keenan, and Chris Adler. Don’t know how much more awesome you can pack into a 6-hour span.

Richie Jackson 2016. If you don’t like this clip, you don’t like skateboarding. Or things that are entertaining.

Friday the 13th. Chhk chhk chhk chhk. Ahh ahh ahh ahh.

Cool stuff. Vans Pool Party coverage, getting paid, Last Days of the T-1 Ramp part two, awesome weather, lunch sesh, donuts at work, Powell Peralta Rat Bones sweatpants.

Weekend action. An essentially plan-free weekend coming up after a packed week. Some skating, some lawn mowing, hanging out with the kids and whatever else.

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