Tuesday, May 31, 2016

may thirty-first

Five for May 31st:

George’s first birthday. Celebrated on the back patio with perfect weather, close family, good food, lots of presents, and a lion cake. George had a blast despite being a little overwhelmed. Really couldn’t have gone any better.

Thundercats. Started watching the original series on Amazon Prime for the first time since it actually aired 31 years ago. Surprisingly fun, and a lot more watchable than some of the other cartoons of that era.

How I Figured Out Christianity is Not Real. A detailed account of one person's 30-year ascension to into sanity and rational thought, written with a level of eloquence and non-condescension I couldn't possibly achieve.

Cool stuff. Two JB skate sessions, La Poma with Nick Bruce and Colton Walker, backyard bikes, GX1000, Ranchito, feels like Monday but it’s actually Tuesday, Magic House with the crew.

Tuesday soundtrack. Bad Brains, Suicidal Tendencies, Band of Horses, Samhain, Bad Religion, No Means No.

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