Thursday, June 30, 2016

june thirtieth

Five for June 30th:

June. Month number one of summer came and went in a flash, but it was a great one. Highlights included George’s first birthday, getting (and utilizing) a pool membership, seeing Flag at Fubar, Father’s Day, a rad Go Skateboarding Day, and a bunch of other random coolness.

Video days. Posted a random Instagram clip of Brian doing a line from yesterday’s lunch skate session at White Birch that is at 3500 views and counting; far and away the most popular thing I’ve ever posted on IG. How’d that happen?

Teen Wolf unlocked. Just when you think you’ve seen every weird thing the gigantic world of GTA V has to offer, someone with entirely too much time on their hands manages to prove you wrong.

Cool stuff. Mat Hoffman Vice interview, Trump has long benefited from trade policies he now scorns, morning roll, lunch with Lisa, Jane’s first Eggo waffle, $200 gift card, photos of extremely sketchy vans you should stay away from.

Master System. Came across my old Sega and a ton of boxed games in my basement this morning. Thinking I may need to hook it up in the attic and play some Phantasy Star and Golvelluis: Valley of Doom pretty soon.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

june twenty-ninth

Five for June 29th:

Bike day. Perfect ride home yesterday- hit all the green lights, low traffic, no headwinds, and no humidity- then got in an old school BMX session with Greg at Shenandoah for the first time since probably 1992 or so. Fun to be back riding in our old stomping grounds. Ate shit a few times trying to learn cyclones, and it felt great.

Windows open. The heat wave has broken to the point that it was legitimately chilly out this morning. If my legs weren’t jelly, I would’ve probably rode in again today.

Just a suggestion. After you're done celebrating ‪#‎HeterosexualPrideDay‬, you should consider celebrating ‪#‎ThrowYourselfIntoOncomingTrafficDay‬.

Cool stuff. KDHX is still playing my old band, afternoon White Birch skate session coming up, 3 Kings patio day drinks with Tom and Brian, Santa Cruz x Star Wars autographed prints from Greg, Riverport Riot: an Oral History.

Sushi. Been craving it lately. Someone bring me a couple of Gojira rolls, a bowl of miso soup and some edamame.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

june twenty-eighth

Five for June 28th:

Bike commute. Today was too nice to pass up a ride in to work- low humidity, 80 degrees, sunny and no headwind. Made it door to door in 25 minutes hardly breaking a sweat.

AC. Got Jane a window unit for her room to try to cool it down. She has by far the hottest room in the house, perpetually 5-10 degrees warmer than the rest of the upstairs due to having only one vent tucked in the corner by the door. It’ll help keep things cool for her and take some strain off the actual upstairs AC.

Quote of the day. "I wonder... are the people who always claim God kills with hurricanes because He HATES gay rights now claiming He killed Justice Scalia because He LOVES abortion rights?" –Mrs. Betty Bowers

Cool stuff. Tony Hawk lands another 900, The Legacy of Black Flag, Yolandas at Ranchito, President Obama should pardon Edward Snowden, the ultimate car camping setup, Jane’s homework store, Hopper Whitman summer brew.

Tuesday soundtrack. Cathedral, The Damned, Flipper, Fuzz, Exhorder, S.O.D., Riverboat Gamblers, Rocket From The Crypt, Death Angel, Meat Puppets, Murder City Devils, Annihilator.

Monday, June 27, 2016

june twenty-seventh

Five for June 27th:

Cosmo Skatepark. Finally got a chance to check it out yesterday morning for a short roll-around before we headed back to STL. Definitely a cool spot. Wish I’d had more time. Also spotted a small skateshop with a miniramp on the outer road when we were leaving. A skate-centric CoMo road trip may need to happen in the near future.

Side by side. George, one year ago and today. That he happened to be wearing a red striped shirt was a complete coincidence.

Columbia cuisine. Veggie sandwiches at Sub Shop, burgers and Stags and Booches, homemade ice cream at Sparky’s. We didn’t have time for Nachos Bianco at Addison’s, but it’s on the list for next time for sure.

Cool stuff. Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion law, Al Partanen Product Pillage, Airwalk Skatefest 1988, This Hipster Marriage Announcement Is The Most Insufferable Yet, boxed Winking Owl, watching Jane get more and more confident at the pool.

Note to self. No more yardwork before sundown for the rest of the summer. Bagging up a fallen branch and mowing the backyard yesterday afternoon just about killed me.

Friday, June 24, 2016

june twenty-fourth

Five for June 24th:

Lightning bugs. Jane had a good afternoon nap yesterday, so we let her stay up late to catch some lightning bugs in the backyard. She had a blast, and became attached to one particular insect which she named Christy, who she only reluctantly released back to the wild before bed.

Cheap fun. Two plastic launch ramps I found in the trash, a piece of thin plywood, and a handful of wood screws and I have a little mess-around kicker ramp in the basement. May build a little deck onto the back and throw on some PVC coping for added levels of dorkiness.

Brexit, stage left. The UK is Googling what the E.U. is, hours after it voted to leave, crashing their stock market and forcing the abrupt resignation of their Prime Minister. On the plus side, for the first time in a few years the US doesn’t look like the biggest idiots in the civilized world, however temporarily.

Cool stuff. Getting paid, afternoon skate session in the works, zucchini bread, fresh pair of contacts, beets from the garden, $25 Vato Rat hoodie.

Weekend action. Columbia for family stuff followed by Nachos Bianco and Booches burgers with Lisa, morning session at the CoMo skatepark, mowing the lawn, swimming at the Maplewood pool, taking the kids to the playground.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

june twenty-third

Five for June 23rd:

Bike commuting. Rode in to work today, heat be damned. Time to stop making excuses not to saddle up. Needless to say the ride was super good and I feel awesome getting the blood flowing before the day starts. I just wish I’d remembered my towel.

Voltron: Legendary Defender. Watched episode one of the series reboot on Netflix and it ruled. Added bonus of Murray from Flight of the Conchords voicing Coran.

Jane and George. So fun to see them starting to actually play together a bit now that George is getting old enough and big enough to do so. Tea party last night, Legos this morning, games of tag… it’s hilarious.

Cool stuff.5 John Lewis and the house democrats holding their ground, already Thursday, iced coffees, Doom II: Seinfeld’s apartment, new flash drive, an excessively deep dive into the Misfits’ high school yearbooks, stack of 7 Seconds stickers.

Staying young. I don’t remember who uttered the quote “you didn’t quit skateboarding because you got old, you got old because you quit skateboarding.” Mountain? Peters? Adams? Whatever the case, this guy is proving it’s never too late to start reversing the aging process. Or at least slowing it down.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

june twenty-second

Five for June 22nd:

GOP arcade. As both a huge fan of mocking the comical absurdity of the Republican Party and of SNES-era video game culture, this site has it all. Seriously one the most fantastic things ever put online. Check out “Trump Toss” and “Thoughts and Prayers: The Game” immediately.

Soaked through. Spent about 20 minutes outside last night mowing the front and side yard and afterward I was so wet with sweat it looked like I’d just come in from a rainstorm. This was AFTER the sun went down. Today is going to be even gnarlier. Too brutal.

Go Skate Day. Yeah, yeah, it’s every day, blah blah. I’m certainly not going to decry a day dedicated to celebrating skateboarding around the world, and you shouldn’t either. Yesterday was fun: had a morning jam at Webster followed up by an afternoon session at White Birch with Brian where much radness went down.

Cool stuff. The Jam- Electric Circus ’77, Young Ones secret fifth roommate discovered, steak salad, The Return of Lesser Evilism, old school Dominator BMX seat reissues, The Unjust with Jesse Martinez, Black Label Lucero 12XU decks.

Double monitors on the desk. How did I ever fit all this crap onto one tiny screen?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

june twenty-first

Five for June 21st:

Go Skateboarding Day 2016. Kicked it off with a few laps around Webster this morning, and there’s an afternoon session with Brian somewhere is in the works, weather permitting.

YMCA park. This place is three minutes from my house, and I forget it even exists sometimes because it is literally open two months out of the year, three days a week at totally random hours. This should be a go-to spot and instead it's just totally off anyone's radar and more or less forgotten. It's a shame, and the YMCA should be embarrassed that they are dropping the ball so hard on this place. What a waste.

Quote of the day. Since zero women and zero people of color weighed in on the US Constitution when it was written, I assume it may occasionally need a few updates. –Cameron Esposito

Cool stuff. Morning cartoons with Jane, cheap Vato Rat hoodies, John Cardiel Epicly Later’d, Colony BMX: Nude Bowl in the heat, The Trump campaign raised less money in May than the Veronica Mars movie kickstarter, new issue of Decibel, work chai tea re-up.

Tuesday soundtrack. Rush, Pegboy, Weedeater, Midnight, Danko Jones, Slayer, Greenhornes, the Police, Avail, Mothership, Horisont, Jello Biafra.

Monday, June 20, 2016

june twentieth

Five for June 20th:

Father’s day 2016. Best one ever. It may be a “Hallmark Holiday” or whatever, but when you have kids that are excited to go on picnics, get ice cream, paint you pictures, and wrap a hot glue gun in tin foil and give it to you as a gift, there’s no beating it.

Minivan clan. We got the family truckster a year ago today, on an epic whirlwind car-shopping outing that saw the van located, test-driven, and purchased in the span of George’s morning nap (he was with us the whole time). Since then it has essentially become our home on wheels. What would we do without this thing?

Reading material. New issue of Transworld Ride BMX, Aggro Rag Freestyle Mag: Plywood Hoods Zines ’84-’89, new Dan’s Comp catalog.

Cool stuff. First day of summer, Descendents interview, Mat Hoffman biggest air video, Garrison Keillor: the punk who would be president, Andy’s 40th birthday party, sliders on the grill, Seattle’s Best #5 Dark restock, weekend skate sessions, vegetable haul from Rick's garden.

Tweetstorms. I don't care how poignant it is, it's impossible for me to read anyone's essay/open letter/what have you when it's broken up over 65 separate 140-character tweets.

Friday, June 17, 2016

june seventeenth

Five for June 17th:

Great outdoors. Nice to be able to walk ten feet outside today without being immediately drenched in sweat. I love summer, but I’m not ready for a five day, 100-degree heat wave.

Budding artist. It’s truly a highlight of fatherhood (as many things are) to watch Jane starting to get the hang of drawing pictures. She’s made a lot progress in a short period of time, and will undoubtedly be better than me by the time she turns five.

Grosso’s Loveletters. New “Skate Videos” episode of the Letters is live and as usual, is totally awesome and entertaining. My favorite thing on the internet by far.

Cool stuff. Beating the heat, popcorn Friday, Holy Stokes clips coming out, Haro Lineage Sport and Master frames for “new school” riders?, Assault Skateboards Arizona weekend, the dude squad.

Weekend action. Hitting the Maplewood pool tonight after work (and more to be determined), early morning skate/BMX session, a couple of Father’s day events, Andy’s birthday party, potential trip to the Magic House, whatever else comes along.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

june sixteenth

Five for June 16th:

Make It Stop. Greed, legislative cowardice, advanced technology — that is how we got here. The United States has been pummeled by gun violence since the assault weapons ban expired in 2004. This year, mass shootings have already claimed 61 lives. One class of gun, semiautomatic rifles, is largely responsible. But this nation cannot be a hostage of fear. We can make it stop.

Taj Mahal. Last-minute lunch date with Lisa is happening this afternoon. Tikka Masala, I’m gunning for you.

Skate shoes. Go cheap or go home. Paying $75 for a pair of shoes you’re just going to immediately destroy is absurd. Just scored a pair of $22 Fallen Forte 2’s online to replace my equally-cheap Cons I got on the sale rack at Marshalls awhile back.

Cool stuff. Mornings with the kids, upcoming break in the heat wave, Hangin’ with the Vamp, LifeStraw, Negra Modelos with Brian, stress-ball wars at the office.

Fresh setup. Got inspired and gripped up an old school Powell Ripper last night. Mini Logo trucks, OJ teamriders and some nice green Creature thin rails to round it off. One of my all-time favorite graphics and shapes. Brings me back.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

june fifteenth

Five for June 15th:

Last night. In addition to meeting the crew at the park and grabbing dinner and drinks at SoHA, I managed to finally get the lawn mowed (once the sun went down), grab a shower, and watch Pantera: Behind the Music on Youtube.

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild trailer. While not completely terrible, am I the only one who is bummed by the comparatively lame graphics this legendary franchise keeps getting saddled with? Nintendo, step it up. This game should be the bar to which all others aspire, instead it’s another weak-looking cartoon.

Ripper V2. New (classic) color for the next reissue Powell Ripper on the old team shape. Way better than that green one that came out last time around, IMHO. May have to snag one.

Cool stuff. Morning garden haul, In Search Of Podcasts, the ten best sandwich shops in St. Louis, remembering to bring lunch, almond milk tea with boba.

Gun buying in America. This person was able to purchase an AR-15 in five minutes with an expired license. To put this in context, it probably takes an hour and a half from start to finish to adopt a kitten from the Humane Society.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

june fourteenth

Five for June 14th:

Last night. Plans to brave the heat and mow my lawn were quashed by a rainstorm that came out of nowhere. I wasn’t too bummed to have no choice but to put it off for a day.

TX lt. Gov Dan Patrick. Isn't lying to the entire country by saying that your “mockery of god” tweet was scheduled and not just something you put up because you're a piece of shit a mockery of god in itself? Granted I don't deal in fairytales but I'm pretty sure there's something about bearing false witness in the Ten Commandments you most assuredly claim to follow.

BMX legends. Dennis McCoy and Dave Mirra were inducted into the BMX hall of fame over the weekend. That they weren’t the first ones inducted into said hall of fame is somewhat of a head scratcher, but either way, highly deserved.

Cool stuff. Quick morning slappy session, Caribou Coffee restock, these two, Conan O’Brien on the Orlando shooting, Congressman is fed up with moments of silence.

Tuesday soundtrack. OM, Dicks, Adolescents, Opeth, Municipal Waste, Priestess, Blue Oyster Cult, Exodus, Minor Threat, Church of Misery.

Monday, June 13, 2016

june thirteenth

Five for June 13th:

The latest obligatory US gun massacre. More and more I find myself legitimately wondering how much longer I can justify raising my kids in this country. This can't be their norm.

Pool party ‘16. What do you do with two restless kids in near-100 degree weather? Take ‘em to the pool three days in a row, that’s what. As far as I’m concerned, that membership has already paid for itself one weekend in.

Skating. Got some in at Webster and JB, but both were short-lived due to the suffocating heat. Also skated a curb for about fifteen minutes that was more fun than both of those places combined.

Cool stuff. Free pizza, drinks with Scott, Building MetroLink for all of us, Antihero: Destination Unknown revisited, lunch with Brian and Katie, the Onion nails it.

Too busy to write. 4:40 pm is better than not at all.

Friday, June 10, 2016

june tenth

Five for June 10th:

Joe Biden. The Vice President’s open letter to the Stanford rape victim is a must-read.

Pool rats. We got a membership to the Maplewood pool, just in time for the weather to take a drastic turn to the extremely hot. We’ll be putting that to good use in the days and weeks to come.

Voltron. Apparently there’s a giant statue of the Defender of the Universe in the Central West End now.

Cool stuff. Getting paid, go behind the scenes of the Ramones first tour, Bill Stevenson interview, Dan's Comp Parking Lot Jam 2016, donuts at work, Clifton Park with the kids, dad life.

Weekend action. Aside from going to the pool (see above), I have no plans at all, aside from try not to die of heat exhaustion. Hopefully a morning skate session somewhere.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

june ninth

Five for June 9th:

Sweet sleep. Finally got a full night after logging about 6 hours total between Monday and Tuesday. A new pillow and 30 ml of Nyquil ZZZ definitely helped.

Fuckshit soufflĂ©. “Convicted rapist Brock Turner, his father Dan, and Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky just provided a Fisher Price-meets-Trump University-level lesson plan for recognizing White privilege and rape culture. You will never find a plainer, less sophisticated, and easier to grasp example of these particular strains of pervasive shitty."

Fear of the dark. If Iron Maiden posters are too frightening for kids, those kids need to stay as far away from my office as possible.

Cool stuff. Banana nut bread at work, Jesse Martinez State of Skate interview, Ranchito with Craig and Brian, The Makers on Spotify.

Politics. I don't blame anyone for not being psyched on Clinton's platform of ongoing war, fracking, big money controlling politics, private prisons, shitty trade deals, oil dependency, government spying, big banks, and every shady facet of the political status quo. Believe me. But a real Bernie Sanders supporter would never actually vote for Donald Trump out of spite.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

june eighth

Five for June 8th:

Last night. Got home, played a couple of songs on drums, skated over to the playground to meet the family, and walked up to SoHa for two-dollar Tuesday burgers and drinks. Pretty good evening up until I couldn’t sleep again pretty much all night.

George. As I was leaving yesterday, I got a very clear “bye!” from George. Whether that was a toddler-babble coincidence or an actual sendoff from a kid who learning to talk is anyone's guess. I’ll take it though.

Descendents. New track from their upcoming record dropped on the world unexpectedly yesterday and is pretty awesome. Looking forward to hearing the rest of it.

Cool stuff. Bones Back It hoodies and classic Caballero t-shirts from Powell, Bob Ross on Netflix, work snack restock, Jasmine tea, bootleg mania, pigs in the pen.

Pros and cons. CON: Rob and Stefanie not crashing at our place tonight, en route to KC. PRO: not having four children under four at our place tonight.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

june seventh

Five for June 7th:

Last night. Was on the fence about going to the Flag show, but got a last-minute IM from Stephen that I was on the list, so it was a done deal at that point. Went down to Fubar, met up with some friends, and saw the best punk rock show of my entire life, hands down.

Sleep. I got none last night. Running on fumes and a venti iced coffee at this point. May need to make another Starbucks run or two before the day is over.

Spotify Discover Weekly mix. Surprisingly good. Never gave any of their catered, pre-made playlists much of a thought but I’m really digging these.

Cool stuff. Morning roll, evening at the park with the kids, amazing weather, having earplugs in my car, petition to remove disgraced, inept Judge Aaron Persky from the Bench, Seth singing on That Thing You Do.

Tuesday soundtrack. Led Zeppelin, Death Breath, Q5, Revelations, Lard, The Wipers, Dead Milkmen, Angel Witch.

Monday, June 6, 2016

june sixth

Five for June 6th:

20 years ago. My first real band played our first real show two decades ago yesterday, which is just absolutely mind-blowing. It was a complete trainwreck, of course, but paved the way for many years, bands, gigs and experiences to come.

Little artist. Jane has progressed from scribbling and coloring to actually starting to draw discernible pictures, like this one she did of Lisa this morning. Proud dad moment.

FLAG. Tonight at Fubar. Whether or not I’ll actually end up going is anyone’s guess after being up since 4:30 am, but it’s definitely on my radar at this point.

Cool stuff. New family photo, schmoozing with the upper crust, breakfast at Russell’s, Sunday skate session with Brian and Andy, the top ten greatest Iron Maiden stage sets, Idiocracy writers team up with Terry Crews for anti-Trump ads, fresh Infinity 8.5 setup.

Around the house. Lawn mowed, weeds whacked, ants exterminated, basement dried and dehumidified, groceries purchased, curtain bracket re-installed, Jane's closet cleaned out.

Friday, June 3, 2016

june third

Five for June 3rd:

Ant invasion 2016. Right on schedule, the ants have made their way into our laundry room, as has been the case in early summer every year we’ve lived there. Right on schedule, as well, is their imminent poison-infused extermination.

National donut day. And me without a single donut. WTF.

Skateboarding in the Olympics. Apparently it’s really happening, although the number of professional skaters that would/could possibly stay sober or drug free long enough to actually compete is likely very low.

Cool stuff. Dawn patrol slappy session, garden is getting full, clean house, Lagunitas IPAs at Three Kings.

Weekend action. Subhumans at Firebird tonight, College Bound Cap and Gown ball tomorrow, skating somewhere, lawn mowing, taking the kids to the park, coffee drinking.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

june second

Five for June 2nd:

Idiocracy. A video of a can of silly string being crushed by a hydraulic press is the number one trending topic in America right now.

Camper shopping. Time to get serious. All we need is a trailer hitch.

GTA rumor mill.
Some downloadable Liberty City content coming down the pike? Hope so. The lone screenshot looks amazing, and LC might as well be my second home given how much time I’ve spent exploring it.

Cool stuff. The Big Red, Annie Z Dee Snider interview, Jane’s first day of summer school, grande iced coffee, morning roll, quebano.

Must-sees. Upcoming shows include Subhumans on Friday and Guitar Wolf in August at Firebird, plus Flag at Fubar on Monday. Up tha punx.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

june first

Five for June 1st

June. Finally, we’ve arrived. The official beginning of summer, bike rides to work, sweaty evening skate sessions while it’s still light out, backyard barbecues. The best.

Two-dollar Tuesday. Walked up to SoHa last night to take advantage of their superb happy hour burger deals and get a little change of scenery for the kids. Living in the city rules.

Bernie 2016. Clinton Might Not Be the Nominee after all. Here’s hoping.

Cool stuff. May photo dump, Mastodon on Spotify, 15 Crossover Moments That Changed Skateboarding, 3 Kings with Tom and Brian, short Webster session yesterday afternoon, good night’s sleep for George.

Good day at work. So far today I've won another hundred bucks in spiff money (two weeks in a row!) and scored a free Evans t-shirt and set of NYXL bass strings from D’Addario.