Wednesday, June 8, 2016

june eighth

Five for June 8th:

Last night. Got home, played a couple of songs on drums, skated over to the playground to meet the family, and walked up to SoHa for two-dollar Tuesday burgers and drinks. Pretty good evening up until I couldn’t sleep again pretty much all night.

George. As I was leaving yesterday, I got a very clear “bye!” from George. Whether that was a toddler-babble coincidence or an actual sendoff from a kid who learning to talk is anyone's guess. I’ll take it though.

Descendents. New track from their upcoming record dropped on the world unexpectedly yesterday and is pretty awesome. Looking forward to hearing the rest of it.

Cool stuff. Bones Back It hoodies and classic Caballero t-shirts from Powell, Bob Ross on Netflix, work snack restock, Jasmine tea, bootleg mania, pigs in the pen.

Pros and cons. CON: Rob and Stefanie not crashing at our place tonight, en route to KC. PRO: not having four children under four at our place tonight.

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