Wednesday, June 1, 2016

june first

Five for June 1st

June. Finally, we’ve arrived. The official beginning of summer, bike rides to work, sweaty evening skate sessions while it’s still light out, backyard barbecues. The best.

Two-dollar Tuesday. Walked up to SoHa last night to take advantage of their superb happy hour burger deals and get a little change of scenery for the kids. Living in the city rules.

Bernie 2016. Clinton Might Not Be the Nominee after all. Here’s hoping.

Cool stuff. May photo dump, Mastodon on Spotify, 15 Crossover Moments That Changed Skateboarding, 3 Kings with Tom and Brian, short Webster session yesterday afternoon, good night’s sleep for George.

Good day at work. So far today I've won another hundred bucks in spiff money (two weeks in a row!) and scored a free Evans t-shirt and set of NYXL bass strings from D’Addario.

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