Tuesday, June 14, 2016

june fourteenth

Five for June 14th:

Last night. Plans to brave the heat and mow my lawn were quashed by a rainstorm that came out of nowhere. I wasn’t too bummed to have no choice but to put it off for a day.

TX lt. Gov Dan Patrick. Isn't lying to the entire country by saying that your “mockery of god” tweet was scheduled and not just something you put up because you're a piece of shit a mockery of god in itself? Granted I don't deal in fairytales but I'm pretty sure there's something about bearing false witness in the Ten Commandments you most assuredly claim to follow.

BMX legends. Dennis McCoy and Dave Mirra were inducted into the BMX hall of fame over the weekend. That they weren’t the first ones inducted into said hall of fame is somewhat of a head scratcher, but either way, highly deserved.

Cool stuff. Quick morning slappy session, Caribou Coffee restock, these two, Conan O’Brien on the Orlando shooting, Congressman is fed up with moments of silence.

Tuesday soundtrack. OM, Dicks, Adolescents, Opeth, Municipal Waste, Priestess, Blue Oyster Cult, Exodus, Minor Threat, Church of Misery.

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