Friday, June 17, 2016

june seventeenth

Five for June 17th:

Great outdoors. Nice to be able to walk ten feet outside today without being immediately drenched in sweat. I love summer, but I’m not ready for a five day, 100-degree heat wave.

Budding artist. It’s truly a highlight of fatherhood (as many things are) to watch Jane starting to get the hang of drawing pictures. She’s made a lot progress in a short period of time, and will undoubtedly be better than me by the time she turns five.

Grosso’s Loveletters. New “Skate Videos” episode of the Letters is live and as usual, is totally awesome and entertaining. My favorite thing on the internet by far.

Cool stuff. Beating the heat, popcorn Friday, Holy Stokes clips coming out, Haro Lineage Sport and Master frames for “new school” riders?, Assault Skateboards Arizona weekend, the dude squad.

Weekend action. Hitting the Maplewood pool tonight after work (and more to be determined), early morning skate/BMX session, a couple of Father’s day events, Andy’s birthday party, potential trip to the Magic House, whatever else comes along.

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