Tuesday, June 7, 2016

june seventh

Five for June 7th:

Last night. Was on the fence about going to the Flag show, but got a last-minute IM from Stephen that I was on the list, so it was a done deal at that point. Went down to Fubar, met up with some friends, and saw the best punk rock show of my entire life, hands down.

Sleep. I got none last night. Running on fumes and a venti iced coffee at this point. May need to make another Starbucks run or two before the day is over.

Spotify Discover Weekly mix. Surprisingly good. Never gave any of their catered, pre-made playlists much of a thought but I’m really digging these.

Cool stuff. Morning roll, evening at the park with the kids, amazing weather, having earplugs in my car, petition to remove disgraced, inept Judge Aaron Persky from the Bench, Seth singing on That Thing You Do.

Tuesday soundtrack. Led Zeppelin, Death Breath, Q5, Revelations, Lard, The Wipers, Dead Milkmen, Angel Witch.

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