Monday, June 6, 2016

june sixth

Five for June 6th:

20 years ago. My first real band played our first real show two decades ago yesterday, which is just absolutely mind-blowing. It was a complete trainwreck, of course, but paved the way for many years, bands, gigs and experiences to come.

Little artist. Jane has progressed from scribbling and coloring to actually starting to draw discernible pictures, like this one she did of Lisa this morning. Proud dad moment.

FLAG. Tonight at Fubar. Whether or not I’ll actually end up going is anyone’s guess after being up since 4:30 am, but it’s definitely on my radar at this point.

Cool stuff. New family photo, schmoozing with the upper crust, breakfast at Russell’s, Sunday skate session with Brian and Andy, the top ten greatest Iron Maiden stage sets, Idiocracy writers team up with Terry Crews for anti-Trump ads, fresh Infinity 8.5 setup.

Around the house. Lawn mowed, weeds whacked, ants exterminated, basement dried and dehumidified, groceries purchased, curtain bracket re-installed, Jane's closet cleaned out.

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