Friday, June 3, 2016

june third

Five for June 3rd:

Ant invasion 2016. Right on schedule, the ants have made their way into our laundry room, as has been the case in early summer every year we’ve lived there. Right on schedule, as well, is their imminent poison-infused extermination.

National donut day. And me without a single donut. WTF.

Skateboarding in the Olympics. Apparently it’s really happening, although the number of professional skaters that would/could possibly stay sober or drug free long enough to actually compete is likely very low.

Cool stuff. Dawn patrol slappy session, garden is getting full, clean house, Lagunitas IPAs at Three Kings.

Weekend action. Subhumans at Firebird tonight, College Bound Cap and Gown ball tomorrow, skating somewhere, lawn mowing, taking the kids to the park, coffee drinking.

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