Monday, June 13, 2016

june thirteenth

Five for June 13th:

The latest obligatory US gun massacre. More and more I find myself legitimately wondering how much longer I can justify raising my kids in this country. This can't be their norm.

Pool party ‘16. What do you do with two restless kids in near-100 degree weather? Take ‘em to the pool three days in a row, that’s what. As far as I’m concerned, that membership has already paid for itself one weekend in.

Skating. Got some in at Webster and JB, but both were short-lived due to the suffocating heat. Also skated a curb for about fifteen minutes that was more fun than both of those places combined.

Cool stuff. Free pizza, drinks with Scott, Building MetroLink for all of us, Antihero: Destination Unknown revisited, lunch with Brian and Katie, the Onion nails it.

Too busy to write. 4:40 pm is better than not at all.

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