Wednesday, June 22, 2016

june twenty-second

Five for June 22nd:

GOP arcade. As both a huge fan of mocking the comical absurdity of the Republican Party and of SNES-era video game culture, this site has it all. Seriously one the most fantastic things ever put online. Check out “Trump Toss” and “Thoughts and Prayers: The Game” immediately.

Soaked through. Spent about 20 minutes outside last night mowing the front and side yard and afterward I was so wet with sweat it looked like I’d just come in from a rainstorm. This was AFTER the sun went down. Today is going to be even gnarlier. Too brutal.

Go Skate Day. Yeah, yeah, it’s every day, blah blah. I’m certainly not going to decry a day dedicated to celebrating skateboarding around the world, and you shouldn’t either. Yesterday was fun: had a morning jam at Webster followed up by an afternoon session at White Birch with Brian where much radness went down.

Cool stuff. The Jam- Electric Circus ’77, Young Ones secret fifth roommate discovered, steak salad, The Return of Lesser Evilism, old school Dominator BMX seat reissues, The Unjust with Jesse Martinez, Black Label Lucero 12XU decks.

Double monitors on the desk. How did I ever fit all this crap onto one tiny screen?

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