Tuesday, July 19, 2016

july nineteenth

Five for July 19th:

Nature’s blast furnace. Heat index of one hundred and six degrees means any outdoor activities have to happen in the morning. Rolled around Webster for about 15 minutes this morning and it was already a scorcher, but it’s better than nothing.

Vacation checklist. With two kids in tow, it’s crucial that all things be remembered before hitting the road. The list is being honed as we speak.

GT Bikes. Cool to see them giving a nod to the old school with their 2017 Performer (scroll down a few). No curved bottom tube, but I can get behind that pink frame/fork and throwback decal design. I’d totally ride that thing.

Cool stuff. New Dan’s Comp and Summer Skateone catalogs, Lost in Transition: The Search for the Death Bowl, Stephen Colbert crashed the RNC, insulted Trump, and got escorted offstage, lunch with Tom and Brian, George’s Ninja Turtles shirt, van headphones for Jane, 141 reasons Trump is unfit to be president.

Tuesday soundtrack. Dozer, Zero Boys, Triptykon, Gorilla Biscuits, Monolord, Mastodaon, Baroness, Tokyo Blade, Dead Man, Skeletonwitch, Rush, Electric Wizard, Nasum, Celtic Frost.

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