Friday, July 8, 2016

july eighth

Five for July 8th:

Nothing’s shocking. What national tragedy centered around the use of firearms will the US be talking about next week?

Regularly scheduled format. Yesterday was one of those days where writing about the normal shit felt totally vacant and pointless. Today is also one of those days, but I’m out of words and am so infuriated with the country we live in that I can’t dwell on it. So;

Breakfast of champions. Lisa’s epic toasted Hawaiian sweet roll breakfast sandwiches with egg, cheese, chipotle mayo and avocado have ruled me the last two mornings.

Cool stuff. Gettin’ paid, new Rodney Mullen video part coming next Monday, Steven Adler reunites with Guns n’ Roses for two songs in Cincinnati, vitamin resupply, one fan has pinpointed the exact year Robert De Niro gave up, Brian Baker slams Bring Me The Horizon.

Weekend action. Henry grooming appointment, farm trip, Black Lips at Firebird, early skate session, hitting the pool, mowing the lawn, hanging out with the kids.

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