Monday, July 11, 2016

july eleventh

Five for July 11th:

Last night. We were driving down Skinker and came to a stop at an intersection where a homeless guy was standing holding a sign that said "Need a tent". Lisa and I were kind of joking about how specific a request that was to have scrawled on a cardboard sign when a young guy in the car in the next lane popped his trunk, hopped out, ran to the back and literally pulled a bundled tent out and ran it over to the dude. It was pretty awesome. People were clapping in cars and thumbs-upping the kid, and the homeless guy couldn't even believe it. It was a nice moment and made me remember that the whole world doesn't totally suck.

Weekend highlights. In no particular order: Ted Drewes with the family, skate session at JB on the Lee Ralph, donuts at Donut Drive-In followed by the toy show with Jane, backyard shower/party for Anna, hitting the pool.

Shocking revelation. Dallas Mayor Calls Bullsh*t On Open Carry: It Didn’t Help During Shooting, And Made Things Worse. Who would've thought?

Cool stuff. Coffee, bagels and danish from Panera at work, free Marigold Souldier strap, Dig 99.5, Atiba Jefferson Let Us Roam, Photos of New York City in the 1800s with Google Street View, lunch skate session at White Birch, new sheets.

Rodney Mullen Liminal. The long-awaited new skate part from Rodney Mullen is up. It’s ok. A little over the top. I wish it was just a regular part and not some attempt at cinematic wizardry. The production distracts from the tricks and actually makes me dizzy. I’m sure most people will love it.

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