Tuesday, July 5, 2016

july fifth

Five for July 5th:

Morning ride. Got a good ride to work in today. Had to leave a little earlier than usual to make it in for an eight o’clock meeting. It’s crazy how much lighter the traffic is vs. the normal depart time. The best part was just being outdoors doing something for basically the first time since Saturday morning (see below).

Rained out. The first hint of sunshine during the entirety of the long weekend happened at precisely 5:30 pm yesterday, with everything preceding that moment either being a mixture of cold, pissing rain or humid pissing rain. Talk about a bummer. Still, we were able to get a mandatory July 4th BBQ in and snap a picture of these two cuties.

Finding Dory. Took Jane to her first-ever movie in the theater yesterday. She had a blast, and consumed all the popcorn and root beer she could get her hands on. The updated Esquire is amazing, with giant personal automatic reclining seats with footrests that turn into small couches.

Cool stuff. Western Addition at Pi, catching the last of the Forest Park fireworks from our living room last night, George’s first ice cream, WGSP session, The Eddie Roman Influence, Chris Pfanner Thrasher interview, City Wide IPA, 1950S American vacations in Kodachrome.

Tuesday soundtrack. Zoroaster, The Cramps, Pallbearer, Saint Vitus, Agnostic Front, Jane’s Addiction, The Wipers, Saxon, Circle Jerks, Jucifer, Imperial State Electric.

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