Thursday, July 14, 2016

july fourteenth

Five for July 14th:

Yesterday. Took over an hour to get home after picking up the kids due to the thunderstorm, with the flashing traffic signals at every major intersection compounded by Joe Edwards’ insipid trolley construction closing down a major portion of Forest Park Parkway. At least we were lucky and didn’t lose power.

Violent Femmes at Pageant. Tonight. To go or not to go? Never seen them, and likely won't have a chance again.

Mini NES. Seems like all anyone is talking today is this pre-loaded, $60 Nintendo 8-bit system coming out later this year. Good lineup of games for the most part, but a few definite head-scratchers. Who decided on Super C over the original Contra?

Cool stuff. New Magnatone notebook, Omar Hassan State of Skate, Witch on Spotify, Rad celebrates 30 years, ukulele man, LOTR revisited, morning railslides.

Spot-on. The Near Certainty of Anti-Police Violence is the one thing you need to read today.

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