Thursday, July 7, 2016

july seventh

One for July 7th:

My opinion. The issue is not about whether or not there are good cops and bad cops. All cops aren't inherently bad people, but all cops are implicit/caught up in perpetuating a system where they will protect their fellow cop above all- above the law, above procedure, above conscience, above everything. No, not all police officers would pin down and fire four bullets into a black person for selling CDs, but all cops will turn their heads while another officer slams a kid into the hood of a car, or takes a cheap shot at him with a baton, or calls him a nigger, or plants a gun on his warm corpse and calls in some made-up tale of "assault on a police officer". All cops will look the other way while this happens and not report it.

How do I know this? Because it literally never happens. You never hear about "good cops" going to their commanding officer and reporting that their partner just beat up some teenager in an alley because it doesn't happen. There are certainly some police officers out there who are decent people, but the "good" stops as soon as his partner does something shitty and is in danger of being caught for it. Everyone knows this.

This system doesn't just extend to this brotherhood of cop and cop- it goes all the way up to the top. Police can now literally be videotaped murdering people in cold blood and get away with it because the same rigged system will make it so. What is happening now is happening because of a culture that has allowed it to happen, from the ground floor, time and time again. Cops have been enabled by the entire system to do whatever they want and not face punishment, be it getting ratted out by a coworker or going to prison for murder.

So are there really good cops? Or are there just "not as bad" cops? I’d love to live in a world where that wasn’t a question that had to be asked.

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