Wednesday, July 6, 2016

july sixth

Five for July 6th:

Another record. Alongside a staggering number of homicides this year, STL has also apparently won the esteemed “Most Dumpster Fires” award. Feeling some serious hometown pride these days.

Skateness. Finally watched We Are Blood last night, lunch session on the V8 Jessee with Brian at White Birch coming up today (weather permitting), screening of Thrashin’ tonight at Bottleworks.

Donuts. Another day at the office.

Cool stuff. Jane’s first Big Wheel, Discovering Dead Malls & Motels on Youtube, good leftovers, e-cymbal repair, Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast video game.

No jury would convict me. Surely going outside and bludgeoning the people down the street still setting off loud-ass fireworks at 9:20 pm last night while my kids were trying to sleep would have been considered justifiable, right?

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