Wednesday, July 13, 2016

july thirteenth

Five for July 13th:

Full day of action. Yesterday consisted of two six-mile bike rides and an afternoon skateboarding session at White Birch Park. Somewhere in there I worked. Sweat overload.

Bummers. The AC in the van is out, Jane spilled milk in my car and it now stinks in there despite my attempts to clean it, battery on my watch died.

Hard drivin’. Lisa’s mom found an abandoned Power Wheels jeep in the trash. A new battery later, and Jane is out cruising around grandma’s backyard like a pro. Side note- finding a Power Wheels jeep in the trash would have been my childhood dream come true.

Cool stuff. New Motorhead shirt, The Fantastic Folding Mini-Motel Caravan, Jordan Hoffart house tour, work snack re-up, hitting Ranchito, good blood pressure, Thrasher subscription renewal.

Theory: disproven. “In Dallas last week, Micah Johnson offered a real-world example of a law-abiding citizen taking up arms to fight what he perceived to be a government that was trampling the rights of its citizens. In reality, it looked like a bloody mass murder of a bunch of cops who were just doing their jobs. But make no mistake: Johnson was acting on one of the central beliefs that animates the gun rights movement. It’s been called the “insurgency theory” of the Second Amendment, and it holds that Americans must have the right to own military-style weapons because a heavily armed populace is the last bulwark against a tyrannical government running amok."

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