Thursday, July 28, 2016

july twenty-eighth

Five for July 28th:

DNC. Last night felt like a real turning point. The party of optimism vs. the party of pessimism has never been clearer. Welcome to the New Party of Lincoln.

Stranger Things. It’s as good as everyone had made it out to be. I’m really trying to stretch it out and not just watch them all at once because I don’t want it to end. So good. Best Netflix original ever.

NAMM. Looks like I’ll be heading back to SoCal in January to work the music industry tradeshow with Brian and Aaron. Fun, guitar slinging, Roscoe’s, sore feet, and hanging out with Cali friends shall ensue.

Cool stuff. Donald and Hobbes, Neil Blender Interview, President Obama’s speech transcript, new weed whacker battery, Revisiting the '80s Santa Monica scene with Natas Kaupas, vacation photo dump, when Jane gets ahold of George, lunch sesh at White Birch.

Seven years ago last night. Kevin Seconds and Kepi Ghoulie crashed at my apartment on Tholozan after a show in Belleville and some late-night pancakes and punk rock talk at Uncle Bill’s. Life is strange, and time flies.

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