Thursday, August 18, 2016

august eighteenth

Five for August 18th.

Tonight. Taking the crew to Happy Joe’s for some pizza, games, and to get Jane a toy gorilla, then heading to Fubar for Hell Night’s first show with Brian on vocals. Come bleed out your eardrums.

In the backyard. Tomatoes are starting to get red, the butternut squash is coming up like crazy, re-cleared the vines off the back fence, Jane is learning to shred.

Quote of the day. “The president of professionally anti-gay-for-a-profit Family Research Council, Tony Perkins' home was just destroyed by the Lord in a great flood. Only out of Christian concern did I remind him of where this places him in any Noah analogy. A lady never lets her gloat show.” –Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian

Cool stuff. Tim Horton’s at the office, The Rebirth of the Big-O, potential afternoon skate session, eco k-cup restock, Stranger Things type generator, Boxed Winking Owl, The Flat Side of Things 3.

Thursday soundtrack. Bouncing Souls, Mercyful Fate, Ghoul, Revocation, Blues Pills, Saxon, Blackfoot, Nuclear Assault.

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