Monday, August 8, 2016

august eighth

Five for August 8th.

Lawn mower. For the first time in my adult life, I own an actual, proper, gas-powered lawnmower. Not a reel mower, or an electric mower, or some other bullshit. Mowed my entire yard in 15 minutes yesterday, including the dreaded between-houses hillside. I realize there are few things less interesting than this, but for me it’s a serious game changer.

Zoo crew. Had a blast with Jane at the zoo yesterday morning. Saw some animals, rode the train, petted guinea pigs, ate Dippin’ Dots, had an obligatory stop at the gift shop, and topped it off with a trip to Turtle Park. Best times.

Skateboarding. Finally made it out to Washington to skate the park with Andy and Tucker for a couple hours Saturday morning. Definitely a cool spot- plunked down smack in the middle of a disused tennis court. Super fun.

Cool stuff. Breakfast at Chris’ with the crew, sno-cones and Labyrinth in the park, Elliot Sloan backyard vert contest photos, new SC Bod Boyle “stained glass” reissue ordered, $25 gift card at work, grande coffee, rad sunrise, Manowar lyrics generator, are you ready for the end of the Republican party?

Morning meetings. One this morning, one tomorrow, and two vendor meetings on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. Luckily the next three are all at the normal time. One down and already over it.

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