Monday, August 15, 2016

august fifteenth

Five for August 15th.

Waterworld. An overnight deluge that continued straight through the morning left the basement wet and the drive in to work harrowing. Time to bust out the umbrellas and the box fans.

This week. Busy one. In addition to the normal forty-hour workweek, parenting, and trying to find time to skate, there’s the inaugural Jag-Wires show tonight at Foam, dinner at Modesto tomorrow night (for the last time) with Lisa, mom’s birthday, Brian’s first show with Hell Night at Fubar, and getting my last two wisdom teeth pulled.

Deck the walls. Changed up the display in the attic to a solid wall of Santa Cruz/Jim Phillips boards. The old one was getting stale, and with the addition of that Bod Boyle “Stained Glass” deck (which is the sickest graphic ever), it just had to happen. Digging it.

Cool stuff. Cheap Dreamcast for some Shenmue action, new issue of Ride BMX, drinks with Mary and Keith, checking out Eric and Nicole’s new pad, Assault on SoCal video, burgers at Five Guys with the family, another $25 gift card, Super Mario 64 adventures with Jane.

Never too old. Met this dude at JB over the weekend named Rick. He’s 68 years old (my mom's age), has been skating for forty years, and had been out since seven am cruising around to different parks and murdering bowls on an old Valterra. This guy is living proof that the Jay Adams quote "you didn't quit skateboarding because you got old, you got old because you quit skateboarding" is spot on.

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