Friday, August 5, 2016

august fifth

Five for August 5th:

Happy Friday. Any morning where you're greeted with the news of George Zimmerman being punched in the face is a good one indeed.

DP Disaster. Bummer to see Duane Peters slowly but surely imploding in real time. Hope he can get some help before things go from "worse" to "over".

Movie night. The third annual Clifton Park Movie Night is this Saturday. Lisa and crew once again did an amazing job orchestrating this event and it looks like this might be the biggest one ever. It’s going to be a beautiful evening, so come on out, bring some drinks, and watch Labyrinth with us.

Cool stuff. Donald Trump collapses in three key states, Jerry Seinfeld on skateboarding, getting paid, new Assault HMC decks coming soon, empty mansion hunting.

Weekend action. Tre Serpenti and the Mercs at Tap Room, Washington skate session with Andy and crew, movie in the park, hitting the pool, buying a real lawn mower.

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