Wednesday, August 17, 2016

august seventeenth

Five for August 17th.

Modesto. Had a great last hurrah there last night with Lisa- the site of many dates and special occasions over the years. Drank sangria, scarfed up some old staples and topped it off with some bread pudding and good conversation. I’ll miss that place.

First day of 36th grade. Happy anniversary to the single funniest and most perfectly-timed Facebook post in history. May it live on forever.

Searching for Chin. To quote Johnny Rad, “my wheels are itching”. May have to hit Webster for a little bit tonight after the kids go to bed and get rolling now that the rains have subsided.

Cool stuff. Stranger Things season 2 confirmed as a sequel, the media vs. Donald Trump, cheap Independent hoodie from Skate Warehouse, jasmine tea restock.

The thing about houses. They always look better in the pictures.

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