Wednesday, August 31, 2016

august thirty-first

Five for August 31st:

August. A long, sweaty, nasty month is almost behind us. I will always love summer but this one has been particularly brutal.

Yesterday. Good one, as far as Tuesdays go: grabbed some lunch drinks with Brian, had a picture re-grammed by the Bones Brigade Instagram account, hung out with the kids, played some drums, set up my old Vallely, and watched Guitar Wolf lay waste to the Firebird. Somewhere in there I worked eight hours.

Playing live. May be filling in on drums at a show for a friend’s band in late September. More details if it pans out. It’ll be fun to play live after a few years away from the stage.

Cool stuff. Donuts at work, remembering earplugs last night, Prince’s Biggest Fan was a 93-year-old woman, will the debates finally kill off Trump 2016?, new 22” Transformers Fortress Maximus, Unreal Engine 4 photo realism.

Lunch sesh failure. We made it all the way out to White Birch only to find the gates locked and a bunch of pond-sized puddles mucking everything up. How come everything else is dry?

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